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Taking you to the highest stage
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Senchou aka Boss aka Pimp aka Captain: :iconanzai-d:
Pimp's favorite aka Grammar Nazi: :icont-t-f:
Second in Command aka Dere aka Tirania: :iconkeiko-z:
Boss's twin lost at birth aka DoriDori aka Dojikko: :iconx3-midori-x3:

Manager: O'san :iconzettai-asayra:

Current Residence: Timisoara
As always, skit here:… and here:…
After missing Nijikon 2011 and Otaku 2012 (well, not all of us at least), Zettai decides to return for Nijikon 2012. And what eventful days these have been~

Day -1(wut?)  - Thursday

9:15 p.m. - Timisoara train station

Anzai: *carrying panels away from the rain*  Fml... -_- (DoriDori: *chanting* demons and birds...)

Keiko: Yeah, so we'd like 4 tickets for the 10 p.m. train to Bucharest and...
Ticket lady: Train? What train? Hahahahaha, there is no train, you morons, or at least not a direct one. Here, take this other one with a detour through Alba-Iulia, which, by the way, costs double the price and arrives 4 hours later, or just wait a frickin' day. NEEEXT!
Keiko: *panic* We're taking this one, gimmie your money.
Zettai: But-
Zettai: O_O *hands over money* ...
Keiko: SOLD!

*on the train*

Train supervisor: Oh I'm sorry, but I'll have to fine you, because those panels count as additional luggage! 8D
Anzai:*twitch* I'll show you additional luggage...


Train supervisor: *lawyered*
Anzai: Fuck yeah.

Day 0 - Friday

12:30 a.m.

Zettai: *wake-up in Bucharest* WHO-, WHERE-! WHAT YEAR IS IT?? Oh, we're here...

Once in Bucharest, we firstly reunite with Keiko's (long lost) brother Dan, and also Rei(:icondeadlinemiko:), who both volunteered to perform as Kusuriuri. BAM! Shortly after, we meet with our kind host during the festival, Saru (we thank you again for hosting us *bow*). DoriDori however, betrayed us for her hometown, to return on Sunday, so she can make herself useful XD. (DoriDori: Fuck you very much.)

Seeing how the luggage no longer represented a problem, we could now go to the location for some rehearsals, more off stage than on... (we never set foot on that stage more than 3 times, the entire festival). So how did it all go? Err, pretty neat actually. We'll manage, yes~ ^^' (denial)

8:00 p.m.

After this very long and exhausting series of events, Zettai could finally call it a day and head back home. To eat. And take a shower. And sleep. Yes, especially the sleep.

Day 1 - Saturday

7:00 a.m.

Keiko: Ooook people, let's get up though, shall we? Come on, come on~
Zettai: *mumble mumble*

*3 hours later at the location*

Ryoko: Really. That slow. I don't want to imagine what'll happen tomorrow.

Saturday pretty much passed like a normal convention day, checking out the stands, buying figurines (Ryoko: EZIOOOO!!!),*coughexaminingthestageandfixingthepanelscough*, even checking the host club (family reasons obviously, Keiko's bro was one of the hosts :>) and of course, rehearsing in various corners of the location.

8:00 p.m.

Went home because they kicked us out, nothing else!

On another note:

Keiko: Daaaamn peeps, we should totally set our alarm to 5 a.m. this time, you saw the ridiculous amount of time it took us to get ready today! 8D

Day 2 - Sunday

5:00 a.m.  

*alarm rings*

Ryoko: Ugh... *turns it off**thinks*"It's oook, I don't have to put it on snooooze, because I will SURELY and DEFINITELY wake-up in half an hour~~ But what about the other alarms?...OH WELL!~" *snore*


Anzai: CRAMP!

6:40 a.m.

Ryoko: *wakes up* O_o... I somehow have the feeling that I slept more than half an hour, didn't I?... *looks at clock* YEP! Ok people, GET UP, it's fuckin' 6:30, we're late, AGAIN!
Anzai+Keiko: Huh, what?... WHAT?! HOW THE F-?! SELF-SABOTAGE!! JESUS, SH*T, F*CK!!

8:00 a.m.

*at the metro station with only contact lenses on, because putting our fabulous make-up on would have taken way too much*

Anzai: Is that the right direction?...
Keiko: I think so... Yeah, it's that way.
Metro: Lolnope 8D

(meanwhile in a paralel Doriverse: HAHAHA, I'M GONNA ARRIVE BEFORE YOU, SUCKERS!)

9:30 a.m.

Eventually, we manage to arrive at the location (reuniting with exhausted DoriDori and Rei along the way), just in time for 2 rehearsals on stage.

1st rehearsal: one panel fell to the ground~

Anzai: *heart attack*
Ryoko: Well, ain't that a good sign that we're gonna fail magnificently! 8D
Keiko:  O_O... I am afraid...

2nd rehearsal: ok, decent.

10:30 a.m.

Moon prism poweeeer...MAKE-UP! (SSJ3 for Anzai and Dan) (DoriDori: Oh don't mind me, I'm just going to clone myself and try to help each and every one of you...)

2:30 p.m.

Well that took longer than 30 seconds~ (DoriDori: My knees hurt from scrubbing the floors...)

3:00 p.m.

And as the cosplay contest started, bricks were shat prior to the performance (O'san: Goddamnit people, I thought you were proffessionals by now! DoriDori: *smacks the old fart* Shut up, you should've known by know what we're like!), because we knew so many things could go wrong, as seen from the rehearsals. But we thought "Hey, if we screw up, we'll just dance it off on Heat Island (…)." and hopped on stage.

8:00 p.m.

After way more positive feedback than we can carry and lots of pics, we return home to pack our bags...and fast, we had a train to catch (Anzai also had an exam... to which he didn't go anyway~) (but not after thanking Saru again for giving us a place to stay and delicious food *bow*).

Meanwhile in Doriland: Bye asshats~ I'm leaving early, can't be bothered.

On a more serious note however, we really did not expect as much as a standing ovation from the audience... it was a wonderful moment! All the positive energy after the skit and even more the following week! We couldn't thank you enough and we hope we can entertain you again soon~*tear**bow*

PS: Mada and Simo, best cosplay volunteers ever!

So for now, peace out!

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